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APUSH Syllabus

Welcome to Miss Lujan's APUSH class - I'm so excited to have you here this year. Although the 2021-2022 school year will start off with the option to attend school in person, on campus - our work will primarily be done digitally and rarely, if ever, done on paper. This will require students to use the technology skills acquired last year and the use of Chromebooks in class. This also means that parents and guardians will be able to access grades, assignments, and other important information digitally online through Aries, Parentsquare and Google Classroom email reports. 

Policies & Procedures


Homework will not be assigned every day however there will be homework assigned for time to time. Homework will usually be reading with a one questions response. The reading homework will be essential to class as students will be required to do work and answer questions about the reading in class. If homework is not done, students miss out on one day of class and will be unable to complete the assignments and discussions being given in 


APUSH Students will not have the option to retake exams. Instead student will be able to improve an Exam score by completing a Test Corrections assignment. This is not a mandatory assignment and it time sensitive. Students will have up to 2 weeks after grades are released to complete a test correction. See Test Corrections to learn more. 


Late work will be accepted on assignments & homework up to one week from the due date. After one week late work will be docked 10% for every day it is late up to 5 days. Any work turned in after that will be worth 50% at the most. 


Students have the opportunity to improve or maintain high grades by being allowed to complete test corrections for all exams and turn in late work for partial credit - extra credit will not be offered. 


Students are completely responsible for all work missed while absent, this included tests and exams. Students are expected to contact Miss Lujan as soon as possible to collect assignments that were covered while absence and/or schedule a make up exam appointment. Student's will have as many days as they were absent to work on the assignments/homework and turn in for full credit. Absent work will lose points after that point. 


Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated in any form. Any assignment turned in that is not original to the student submitting the work will be given an automatic zero and a parent conference to all parties involved - a redo/retake will not be offered in these cases. Other disciplinary actions may apply. (See page 9 of School Manual)


Students may have a cellular, digital, or mobile phone in their possession under the following conditions:

● Cell phones must be placed inside the student’s personal belongings (backpack/purse) and not visible at any time unless otherwise permitted.
● Cell phone vibrating will not be permitted.
● The cell phone must be turned off and may not be used during class unless teacher instructs use. 


The use of these devices or their ringing/vibrating during school time or activities without consent of the  teacher will be considered a disruption to school activities and subject to disciplinary action. Students who violate the cell phone and personal electronic signaling devices policy will be subject to discipline.


Grades will be entered into Aeries Gradebook as work is being graded. The best place to look for missing work will ALWAYS be Google Classroom as it is more up to date than Aeries. It is the student's responsibility to check their grade periodically and keep track of missing work. Late work will be entered when the teacher gets to it - this may take a lot of time. To ensure your late work was turned in (and is just waiting to be graded) check Google Classroom.


  • Assessments - 50%

  • Classwork - 30%

  • Homework - 20%

Class Expectations

Each student is to come to class having completed the current reading.  The purpose of the class is to prepare each student for the APUSH Exam at the end of the year.  Everything done in class is done to accomplish this goal.  Nothing is done by accident.  Students are expected to attend class, give their full attention, and 100% participation.  Each student is required to own his/her own learning and not sit by if there is a topic needing further instruction.  Almost 100% of the reading is from texts, or other materials written on a college level, so an ability to read and understand, process and then evaluate the material is essential.  Students who cannot speak up and ask questions, or seek help often fall behind and get discouraged

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